Hi and Welcome to CCillustrator website 
Here I will show you my illustrations, hats, headbands, gift bags, earrings and more fun colorful creative projects 


Hi! I am Cecilia Book Nikolovski and I am a creator and Illustrator from Sweden living in and enjoying life in Düsseldorf, Germany since many years. Here in Düsseldorf I have a great studio on the top floor of our town-house with a great view over the park.
My work are all done by hand, using pen and paper and a lot of colors high quality water-colors in combination with gel pens and sometimes other sorts of fun pens. I love to create my own colorful worlds but also love to make family portraits of real families and landscapes from the real world in my style. At the moment I am painting a lot of Düsseldorf landscapes.
Design & Hand-craft
I am designing and sewing funky hats, hairbands and cute gift bags in different sizes which can be used again and again. I am proudly selecting and buying BIO certified fabrics in cool and colorful patterns for all my products. I making the hats in double layer stretchy cotton jersey fabrics for hats and sometimes also fleece inside to make them extra warm.
All my products are hand-crafted by me.